All These Thoughts: Migration and Reformation

This blogger decides to move here in hopes of a warm rekindling with writing and letting go of ghosts past. I come in peace and from Crazed Bookie. If you know me from before, or would like to look at any posts I’ll be dropping a link to my old archive soon once it’s shut down. For now you can still access it here.

Welcome to All These Thoughts! My name is Edmiary and here I’ll basically talk about anything and everything that goes on in my head. From beauty to books to hair care to writing to music to yoga and so on. I’m a raging fangirl of life, so whatever I’m into at the moment I am into passionately and with absolute passive obsessiveness (I don’t creep, promise. Mostly. With the exception of Harry Styles. Soz.) Everything here will be in the same theme, which you’ll catch on very quickly as soon as I put up about two more posts. For the moment I don’t own a laptop, unfortunately, so I am going to be working on the site construction and writing of pieces, but it’ll be slowly for the first month or so until I can purchase a new laptop. So I ask to please be patient, everything will come together.

Hope you stick around and enjoy all these thoughts!






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