All The Fashion: 2017 Spring Couture — THE DREAM

Here I roundup a few of my favorite upcoming spring looks from the runway. I love looking at shows to get in the feel for what will be trending and start deciding what looks like me and what doesn’t. So here I selected a few looks from various shows. Enjoy!


I can say that Elie is always one of my favorites. They always blow me away with such delicate and dreamy designs.


I’m not very familiar with their work and don’t know much about the brand I’ll be honest, (first time watching one of their collections!) but I loved what I saw. The designs were smooth and the colors pastel and everything spring should look like. It’s like she’s about to walk down a meadow of blossoming daisies. There were a few other looks like the top left picture which is a bit more formal, a bit darker, older, but just as tasteful. I really recommend you watch the full show!



Can we say contemporary Belle? Love this look! I’m noticing lots of oranges and yellows are super hot for 2017. Strangely loving the orange.



I have never been a huge Chanel fan just because I feel their look is too high-class fancy for my personal style, but I adored this one dress just because it drops into a huge ball of feathers and I would love to strut in this baby at some dope cocktail party hosted by Jenners, lol.


I’m a huuuuuuuge fan of Dior’s style and complete aesthetic. I was especially excited since the new artistic director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, would be in command for the first time for this show and I was super happy with her March campaign. Dior always manages to inspire and acquaint myself with my feminine side and they didn’t disappoint. It was incredible to make a roundup of my favorites for this one, I recommend you watch the full show, it’s a treat! From the beautiful faux garden to the flowers in their hair and the touch of malice in sneaky snake accessories, everything was captivating.


That’s all for now. I was going to do a monthly round-up, but it’ll be much too difficult, so I was thinking a weekly round-up? Let me know what you think and what have been some of your favorite shows and looks? Comment below!24f6b9a1-360b-42a3-b206-96254eef90e2



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