All The Fashion: TOMMY X GIGI is #TiedTogether

I like keeping up with trends and watching fashion shows, and this week as I was browsing through the shows I saw the new Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid Collection, which debuted on the Santa Monica Pier! I noticed they’d taken up a lovely accessory, and that is the white bandana. The fashion industry has been coming together to send a little message: we are unified, we are equal, all of us. In representation, models, artists, fashion designers and the likes have all been tying a white bandana to their outfit as a symbol that we are all #tiedtogether. Such a beautiful movement and it warms my heart to see people speaking out and getting messages through to the masses, especially during such politically turbulent times. Below are a few of my favorite looks from the new collection and big holler for rocking the bandana! Look out for the statement during the runway upcomingly and don’t forget to join in and remember that we are all #tiedtogether.  šŸ’–



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