All The Fashion: Mr. Wang you make my heart go Bang

Last night Alexander Wang took the stage  (stomped the theatre?) and they were sleek, sexy and everything that makes my black heart go bang. 🖤

I love all the lace details that add a soft touch to the leather and denim, as well as the pop of flair with the big buttons and crystals! In general, the collection made my heart race and my pulse scream in pure joy, becase black on black is like chocolate on chocolate: you can never go wrong. 

Mr. Wang had a ‘No After Party’ theme going, with some pieces declaring it boldly, and boy did he kill the show, with a rave atmosphere of loud music, a pulsing vibe all-around and confident, sultry models stomping their style with no qualms. 

Bonus? Boots, boots, boots! I love boots! And since I live in the tropics, any season is boot season just cause I f—ing can. 

Here’s a few of my favorite looks! Don’t forget to check out the full slideshow!


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