All These Thoughts: Amateur Modeling and Cover Photo Feature! — Twice Upon A Time

Hey guys!

So a few months back I started helping a friend of mine, who works at a boutique, to take some shots for their Page to help promote some of the clothing they have. It started out as a few random shots taken at the store from an iPhone and turned into us really giving it our all and going out to locations to shoot with scenery!

I never thought I would enjoy modeling as much as I am. I’ve never really been interested in the modeling area of fashion, but I can definitely see the appeal of posing in beautiful clothes and being all made up. It’s still not some huge gig and I most likely won’t model other than for Twice Upon A Time, but it’s been incredibly fun and I am so thankful to them for giving me the opportunity to do this and for them loving my pictures so much they put me up on their Facebook cover photo.




Anyway, below is the cover photo they used a long with a few more we took. It was fun and I can’t wait until they call me for more work. ♥

Go Follow Twice Upon A Time on Instagram and give them a Like on Facebook! They have tons of cute clothes and accessories.

They ship worldwide.   😉

Twice Upon A Time Cover Photo



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